The Latest Haircuts From London Fashion Week And The Oscars

Long Hair-So if there is one thing that London Fashion Week has taught us over the past week (aside from the fact that oversized, 60′s inspired tailoring is back) is that long hair is rocking the catwalk.

Whether the look was sleek and chic or rolled out this morning bed hair, it seems that designers favoured models with luscious long locks for AW13. Sass and Bide, Mulberry and Vivienne Westwood all opted for models with hair that was at least shoulder length if not longer whether this was left to be tamed, or styled up with some vintage glamour curls to bounce or flick along their catwalk runway.

At the Oscars, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston, Adele and Kristen Stewart all showed how desirable and glamorous long hair can look with minimal effort. Both Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock know how to work sleek and hairstyles ‘aux naturalles’ to red carpet perfection.

To achieve this look with you own hair stylist (don’t go hacking away at your own hair by yourself please). Grow your hair a little longer if required as you will possibly need a minimum of 2 inches of hair trimming off if it’s been a while since your last haircut. Ask to keep your layers relatively long, no shorter than between your ear lobe and neck line, have these shaped around your face and perhaps change how your wear your parting if you want your new style to have a more dramatic appearance.

Remember, colour can always help to maximise the impact of a new haircut. There are many trends to choose from which are being carried forward through to AW13, you can enhance the appearance of layers by opting for a dip dye look or by adding highlights/lowlights just to the crown of your hair.

Short Hair-Whilst long hair has been dominating the catwalk and red carpet, if you aren’t afraid to stand out and be a little daring then a lot of chop for a jaw dropping short crop could be the hair cut for you.

Charlize Theron who is known for her eye stopping beauty, sexy J’adore Dior advert and sun kissed blonde locks, stepped onto the Oscars red carpet exuding confidence and sex appeal with a new close shave and choppy crop. The actress explained that shaving her hair was the most freeing experience and recommended every woman give it a go. By that comment I’m not suggesting you go and perform a Britney but I would recommend being a bit daring and perhaps trying a hairstyle that is a little edgy!

Short hair looks great if you have high cheek bones but you can always work around this by keeping the length on top still relatively long enough to style a side fringe, shape the face and keep the clippers to the nape of your neck.

You can add some pastel shades of dye to your hair if the dramatic chop just isn’t adding enough edge for your liking. Pinks and purples are really on trend at the moment whether you decide to go the whole hog or just add some bold streaks of colour. This works really well on icy blondes, I would beware of home dye kits for this look though as many of them can contain unnatural lighteners which can add more damage to your hair and affect how it may dye in the future.

A new haircut can easily be the quickest route to achieving a brand new party hairstyle with minimal effort on your part. Just book it in before your next social calendar event and voila, you will be party ready.

Ultimately, the latest haircuts strutted on the red carpet and the catwalk were all made to look more fabulous because of the confidence of the women wearing them. A new haircut or colour is always a great confidence boost so although you probably won’t be strutting the red carpet, you can strut down your high street and attract just as much attention from your friends and colleagues